June 2nd - 4th 2023, Wolfville, Nova Scotia



Mark van der Feyst

Woodstock Fire Department

Woodstock, Ontario

Sunday Afternoon 13:00 - 14:30


"Training with progressiveness"

This presentation will examine the facts surrounding the two training deaths that took place in Ontario, Canada back in 2010 and 2015 with one firefighter and one college student. The Provincial Inquest conducted in 2017 provided information that all fire departments, instructors, training officers and firefighters can learn from in terms of what not to do for high-risk training. This presentation will focus upon how we as a fire service can progressively train our members to be adequately prepared and trained for the high-risk situations that we respond to and find ourselves involved in.


This presentation will be conducted by a PPT presentation using facts from the Inquest. Class discussions will be invited to stimulate critical thinking skills regarding the subject. Still, pictures along with video examples will be utilized. We will examine the facts surrounding the two training deaths as a way to show the importance of a proper methodology for the training of fire service personnel.


Mark van der Feyst began his career in the fire service back in 1998 in Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania.  He went on to work for the Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services and currently works for the Woodstock Fire Department.

Mark graduated from Seneca College of Applied and Technologies as a Fire Protection Engineering Technologist, the Justice Institute of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Fire and Life Safety Studies and completed his Master of Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management through Eastern Kentucky University in March 2015.  


Mark has a monthly column in Firefighting In Canada and Canadian Firefighter called Back to Basics as well as FireRescue1.com hosting a column called The Domino Effect. He also publishes a monthly article for Fire Engineering and is the lead author of Fire Engineering’s Residential Fire Rescue book. 

Mark is an international instructor teaching in Canada, the United States, India and other parts of the world.  Mark is a Local Level Suppression Instructor for the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy and instructs at FDIC in Indianapolis as well as many other regional conferences. He is the President of Firestar Services Inc. and can reached at mark@FireStar-Services.com