June 4th- 6th 2021, Wolfville Nova Scotia

For Immediate Release - 2022-05-16

Re: Status of FDIC Atlantic 2022

While we had hoped to see everyone again this year for FDIC Atlantic in 2022, if you have not heard, there will be no conference again this year.

As you can imagine, bringing in quality instructors and speakers from all over North America requires planning well ahead of the conference. Planning for FDIC Atlantic actually beings in the fall leading up to each conference and while we were hopeful in the fall to see everyone again, there was still too much uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, not knowing if they would have been lifted before the conference date.

Since the first conference had to be canceled in 2020 planning has been underway for the next one. We cannot wait to be in person again for a weekend of education, networking, leadership and fellowship in at the FDIC Atlantic Conference in 2023.

Thank you & Stay Safe,

-President, Stephen Fenner

Welcome to FDIC Atlantic

FDIC Atlantic has become a focal point for educational seminars directed at emergency responders. Those attending, come from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland & Labrador and beyond. FDIC Atlantic has been named one of the top 4 Firefighting Conferences in Canada by Firefighting in Canada Magazine.

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Firefighting is a dangerous and increasingly complex endeavor. Firefighters in Atlantic Canada face new challenges every day! We must deal with changes to firefighting technologies, providing medical help to the public, hazardous materials response, water and ice rescue, rescues from high places, industrial rescue, terrorist threats and more. We also need education and training now more than ever to protect the public. But in today's world, the resources to do this are increasingly scarce. Financial constraints are tough and the personal time firefighters spend in training is time spent away from family and other obligations.

Our Mission Statement

The Nova Scotia Chapter of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors is committed to reducing the loss of life, property and damage to the environment by providing quality fire training and education for the fire service in Atlantic Canada through the FDIC Atlantic Conference.

The Nova Scotia Chapter of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors

The Nova Scotia Chapter of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors is a nonprofit, professional association, dedicated to providing training and education to the Fire Service. We introduced the Fire Department Information Conference (FDIC Atlantic) in 1995. The objective was to provide firefighters in Atlantic Canada with the type of learning experience that had previously required expensive travel, registration and accommodation in Ontario or the USA. Through the generosity of Corporate Sponsors and our instructors who volunteer their time to present topics, we are able to keep costs down and pass these savings along to our participants.

Message from the President

Dear delegates

25 Years ago Joe Vidito conceived the idea for a conference in Atlantic Canada where firefighters could learn from experts and share knowledge by coming together in a larger group. Starting with a small groups of fellow firefighter, Mr Vidito recruited local instructors to conduct educational session. The first FDIC Atlantic conference drew approximately 25 attendees to the Truro Agricultural College. The Conference grew slowly in size, changing venues to accommodate its increasing size. Now the conference is held at Acadia University in Wolfville and attended by nearly 500 first responders. The executive continues to be fully volunteer but has grown from the initial 4 to 15 including representatives from all the Atlantic provinces. Joe Vidito finally retired after holding the helm for 23 years.

On behalf of myself and the board of directors, I would like to invite you to join us this year to celebrate the 25 anniversary. Without the support of you and our instructors we would not be able to contentious to present one of the top firefighter education events in Canada.

Thank you and see you in June

Stephen Fenner

FDIC Atlantic

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