June 2nd - 4th 2023, Wolfville, Nova Scotia



Kevin & Sherry Dean

Assistant Chief & Assistant Chief

Halifax Regional Fire & Emeregency

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Saturday Afternoon 13:00 - 14:30 & 15:00 - 16:30


"Organizational success through leadership, not authority"

In a changing world, Fire Departments locked to their history are facing leadership challenges. Although historic fire department leadership styles may bring some results, the negative impact of ‘old school’ leadership may be holding your organization back. The fire service needs leaders who will inspire others and support their growth. Ones who are creative and strategic while exemplifying integrity and honesty. Good leaders take responsibility for building respectful, inclusive and progressive organizations where members are valued.

This session is an interactive discussion on strategies for building the right team and supporting leadership skill development. We will break down operational considerations and delve into difficult topics your department may be facing. Our goal in this talk is for attendees to consider what they can do to bring about positive change within their organization.


Kevin Dean

Assistant Chief of Core Operations with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. Over 30 years of fire service experience, including Volunteer Chief, Career Captain, Training Officer, and District Chief. Current responsibilities include Manager of Task Force 5 (HUSAR), HRFE Core operations, Tech Rescue Team, HazMat Team, and Harbor Boat operations. Presently Canadian Representative on the IAFC Constitution and Bylaw Committee, and Maritime Fire Chiefs Leadership Training Committee. Through continuous education, has focused on Adult Education, Business Communications and Fire Service Leadership. Looking forward to sharing information with other Fire Service leaders.

Sherry Dean


Assistant Chief, Workplace Culture of Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency, Sherry’s professional, and volunteer experience has covered firefighting, Training Officer, Company Officer, and District Chief. Her experience includes Hazmat Tech, Tech Rescue, USAR, Lithium/EV and VX. She has created Career Pathsand Officer Development programs in her department and sits on IAFC committees for Strategic Planning, Succession Management and Lithium-Ion Response. She is a board member of the Company Officer Section of the IAFC and the Maritime Fire Chief’s Association. Throughout her career, Sherry has recognized the need for continuous personal growth and the importance of actively valuing and investing in every member of the team.