2 7 t h   A n n u a l   F i r e   D e p a r t m e n t   I n f o r m a t i o n   C o n f e r e n c e 



June 7th - 9th 2024, Wolfville, Nova Scotia


 "Burnout: The Burnt Around the Edges Story"

Arjuna George

Fire Chief (ret)

British Columbia

Sunday Morning 08:00 - 9:30 

Sunday Morning 10:00 - 11:30 


Burnout: The Burnt Around the Edges Story

At FDIC Atlantic 2024, Arjuna George, a retired fire chief with over two decades of frontline experience, will share an enlightening 90-minute session titled "The 7 Gifts From Burnout." This presentation delves into Arjuna's journey through burnout, uncovering the unexpected gifts that emerge from such challenging experiences. Each gift represents a critical insight or tool that aided Arjuna's recovery and reinvention.

The session is tailored for firefighters ranging from recruits to Chief Officers. Arjuna blends personal anecdotes with practical strategies, emphasizing holistic wellness, resilience, and leadership. Attendees will explore recognizing early signs of burnout, implementing effective coping mechanisms, and leveraging their experiences for personal and professional growth.

This presentation is not just a recovery story; it's a roadmap for transformation. It's designed to empower firefighting professionals with the knowledge and tools to navigate their burnout and stress, ultimately becoming stronger, more aware, and better equipped to face the demands of their critical roles.


Arjuna George, based in British Columbia, Canada, represents a beacon of hope, inspiration and resilience for the fire service. A retired fire chief with a commendable 24 years of service, Arjuna transitioned from the frontlines of firefighting to the empowering realm of Firefighter coaching. As the proud owner of Silver Arrow Coaching and Consulting, Arjuna specializes in Burnout and Resilience Coaching for high-performing individuals such as first responders, medical professionals, educators, and parents.

Arjuna's holistic approach emphasizes the body, mind, and spirit of being an elite firefighter. This is further enriched by Arjuna's expertise in Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE), seamlessly integrating with the coaching philosophy. Passionate about leadership, mental health, and organizational behaviour, Arjuna is also an avid writer, podcaster, and photographer. Arjuna regularly contributes to Canadian Firefighter Magazine and Firefighting in Canada. He hosts his own Firefighter wellness podcast called

"Beneath the Helmet – The Mind-Body-Spirit of Being an Elite Firefighter Podcast." Author of "Burnt Around the Edges - A Guide to Mastering Stress and Surviving Burnout," Arjuna is on a mission to equip people with tools for regaining control of their nervous system, rediscovering joy, and achieving their best selves. Through workshops, seminars, online courses, and speaking engagements,

Arjuna aspires to be a thought leader, transforming lives with knowledge, empathy, and a deep understanding of human behaviour and organizational health.