June 2nd - 4th 2023, Wolfville, Nova Scotia



Chris Boulay


Moncton Fire Department

Moncton, New Brunswick

Saturday Afternoon13:00 - 16:30 & Sunday Morning 08:00 - 11:30

Full PPE Required, Including eye and hearing protection


“Main Street Forcible Entry”

This intensive hands-on class is designed to challenge the firefighter’s forcible entry skills in “Real World” situations. This class will review the fundamental skills in the use of the “Irons” to defeat several forcible entry challenges including inward and outward swinging doors, hinges, padlocks, window bars, barrel bolts, carriage bolts and drop bars. The firefighters will then be forced to use these skills in “Real World” situations including:

All students will require full bunker gear including eye and hearing protection.


Chris Boulay is a Lieutenant with the Moncton Fire Department assigned to Engine 2. He is a second-generation firefighter with over 25 years of experience. He began his career as a volunteer firefighter in June of 1997 in his hometown of Donnelly Alberta. He then took a full-time position with the Yellowknife Fire Division in April of 2004, where he served until being hired by the Moncton Fire Department in September 2008. Chris has been an instructor for over 12 years and is currently an Instructor for the NBCC Fire Service Program and a Hands-On-Training Instructor for the Southeastern Firefighters Association. He is also a co-owner and lead instructor for Advanced Rescue Training.